Guerrilla Marketing: Create Diwali Posters.

What is Guerrilla Marketing?

   Guerrilla marketing is a strategy used by businesses or brands to promote their products or services in a way that astonishes customers. Also, it refers to marketing techniques that are low-cost yet generate high profits. However, these techniques are more efficient than traditional ones.

Guerrilla Marketing Characteristics:

· The idea is creative, smart, and unexpected. There needs to be a surprise element to guerrilla marketing. It would otherwise just be a good traditional marketing campaign.

· Such campaigns are fairly inexpensive

· It hasn’t been done before or it uses new technology

· which creates buzz and has the potential to go viral

· This translates into word-of-mouth marketing, according to statistics which show that 54% of purchase decisions are influenced by word-of-mouth marketing.

· Risk-averse brands should avoid this marketing strategy.

· The strategy does not rely on traditional media channels

· The strategy does not focus on one channel. To deliver the message or to start a guerrilla campaign, find the right combination of channels.

Create Diwali Posters:

    Around Diwali festival in the corner, create a Diwali poster with your company Logo and wishes. You can use an application called “Canva” to design your poster. There is multiple numbers of free templates available.

  Also, make sure to send them a day before the festival or 3-4 hours before the festival day. This would ensure that the customer remembers you for a longer time.

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