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What is Drip Marketing?  

      Drip stands for Differentiate, Reinforce, Inform and Persuade and was created by Chris Fill. It is a marketing strategy where the business owners send a limited number of emails to their customers/audience automatically, on a set timing, based on actions they take or changes in their status. Businesses use drip marketing to keep in touch with the audience in a personalized targeted way. 

     Drip marketing is useful because it allows you to engage with your audience more efficiently. Emails are likely to be relevant as they have a better chance of getting a response. 

   What are the ways to do effective drip marketing?

• Figure out your Goal

• The content of the email is very important.

• The information present in the email should be to trigger the user to make a decision.

• Set the timing and frequency of the email to be sent.

• Subdivide your campaigns.

• Measure stuff.


     In this era, webinars play an important role in communication. So when you register for a webinar, first you will get a confirmation email. Then you will receive an email about the webinar details, then the success stories who attended the webinar, etc.  They will be nurturing and adding value. So, you will build  trust with the trainer. 

Benefits of Drip Marketing:

    It allows your business to start building relationships with the customers that in turn would build your success. It allows the potential customer to get to know your business, like it and trust through an email series. So, whenever they are ready to buy a product, they will select you. 

  The most commonly used form of drip marketing is email marketing as it is cost-effective.

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