Every day, we are bombarded with ads and consumers are becoming more and more immune to large-budget ads. With the right focus on creativity and buzz, marketers can achieve effective results for a relatively low cost.

  The purpose of guerrilla marketing (no, not the animal) is to create buzz through unconventional means, the use of time, and most importantly, creativity and imagination.

Most Guerrilla marketing campaigns are unforeseen, possibly interactive, and they target consumers at unexpected locations (general public, campuses, street marketing, giveaways, public relations stunts, etc.).

What is Guerrilla Marketing?

   Guerrilla Marketing is a cost-effective, high-impact marketing and advertising approach that combines shock and awe tactics to promote a business, product, or brand. In contrast to conventional marketing methods, guerrilla marketing aims to surprise, impress, and engage its audience.

The objective is to make a brand appealing to consumers while creating an image that distinguishes it from its competition.

Guerrilla Marketing Campaign by Comminitree:

   A company came up with a lateral thinking solution to regenerate crackers by planting seeds in the burst shells. The company plans to plant more than 1 lakh seeds.

   It was a campaign that stood out from the rest because it was for a social cause.

  A good guerrilla campaign treads the line between eliciting strong emotions and eliciting negative ones.

   So, how are you planning to implement this in your business?

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