Guerrilla marketing, whether big or small is a creative and entertaining solution for everyone! Large brands and organizations are embracing guerrilla marketing to stay relevant in customers’ consideration set, despite the fact that small businesses can actually gain from it. McDonald’s is a superb example of a fast food industry market leader who has used guerrilla marketing on a number of occasions around the world.

  4 Lessons McDonald’s can Teach us About Successful Marketing:

1.           Understand your Clientele:

   It’s easier to reach out to your customers if you know who they are. McDonald’s has proved its understanding of its customer base through numerous advertising, including the latest coffee commercial, which depicted people from all walks of life enjoying a cup of McDonald’s coffee.

2.           Maintain a Consistent Brand Image:

   Despite the fact that there are over 35,000 McDonald’s locations globally, you can count on a consistent experience no matter which one you visit (aside from the language differences). Everything at McDonald’s is consistent.

3.           Be Smart:

   Despite being one of the world’s largest and longest-running brands, McDonald’s continues to come up with original, witty, and unique marketing strategies that no one else has done.

4.           Play on your strengths:

  Every company is different, and a good marketing strategy capitalises on a company’s distinct advantages. McDonald’s understands that its strengths aren’t in the meal itself, but in aspects like familiarity, value, and convenience.


     The McDonald’s installed a hoarding with two lights that represents “McDonald’s deliver food at night” as a way to inform their customers about it. There were only two lights which displayed the brand’s logo (M). This minimalist campaign reached a large range of people.

How are you planning to implement Guerrilla Marketing in your business?

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