Businesses are increasingly opting to adopt disruptive marketing strategies to stand out from the crowd and stand out above their competitors. Guerrilla marketing is one of many innovative marketing methods being adopted to capture attention and generate interest.

    In this kind of advertising, companies surprise consumers by placing unusual, out-of-the-box advertising materials in unexpected, often very public places, leaving a lasting impression. In addition to being low-cost, this approach is highly effective.

    A company displayed a banner with a picture of a man, and it wasn’t a regular advertisement. The face was covered with mountain climbers. It appeared that the man’s face was filled with pimples, and that the cream (advertised by the company) cleared them up. 

  The idea was simple. However, it was the placement that made the campaign a great success.

¬†¬†¬†Guerrilla marketing is an innovative, affordable, and effective method that can be added to a company’s marketing mix to ensure that they stand out from the competition. Promotions utilizing this technique work well when combined with digital, traditional and mass-marketing campaigns in order to amplify messages conveyed to audiences. The guerrilla marketing success stories of major brands can provide lessons for aspiring businesses and entrepreneurs, who can adapt these examples to fit their own demographics, geographic segments, and marketing goals.

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