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What is Flanking Marketing?

    The concept of flanking marketing refers to a technique where one company attempts to displace its competitors in a peripheral market and capture a market segment that is not well served by its competitors.

  Companies performing flanking marketing employ a variety of strategies to perform the same, and outperform their competitors.

       Indirect marketing campaigns also aim to capture the market share and segment of their competitors.

By focusing on the weak areas of its competition, the company tries to gain an advantage by improving on them.

Features of Flanking Marketing:

· The two teams don’t openly confront each other in a flanking approach.

· Using this strategy, the winning player gains access to the market before its competitors do.

· Following this marketing strategy, the firm performing flanking marketing seeks to establish the leading position.

· A flanking marketing strategy is most effective for products that differentiate, not for products that are new.

Fundamentals of Flanking Marketing:

· Companies that perform flanking marketing must avoid direct confrontation with their competitors’ brands. The marketing manager must find a market segment that is uncontested before making a move.

· The second fundamental step you should consider is to make your move as fast and stealthy as possible. Using this type of marketing, you hope to gain a market presence before your competitors find out about it.

· It’s important for companies to move in a way that allows the competition not to see them as a threat until it’s too late.

Popular companies using Flanking Marketing:

· Coffee Day,

· ChaiKanth,

· Moon Rackers.

So, how are you planning to implement Flanking Marketing in your business?

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