How Edward Bernay increased Sales of Cake Mixes (With Laya ❤️)

Vannakam Makkalae       We are going to gain knowledge about “How Edward Bernay increased the sales of Cake mixes?”        Edward Bernay inaugurated the notion that in order to sell anything, it was best to link with the deepest desires and fears of people. He understood that there was a link between culture and consumption that could […]

How Bacon’s and eggs became All American Breakfast

Vanakam Makkalae.        Today we are going to find out if Guerrilla Marketing can change the lifestyle of people.         Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Americans usually had orange juice, bread and coffee for breakfast. The Beech-Nut packing company was struggling to sell one of its largest meat products- Bacon. So they approached […]

Guerrilla Marketing Campaign in 1920 Explained ❤️

  Vanakam Makkalae      We are going to learn about Guerilla Marketing campaigns in 1920.      Tobacco use among men had soared after the First World War because cigarettes were included in the soldier’s rations. They were a symbol of manly pride in how they puffed out the exotic scents of smoke. However, women were punished […]

Guerrilla Marketing: It is OK to fail ❤️

Vanakam Makkale.        In this video, we are going to deal with an important ideology. Yes. While marketing or doing business, it is always ok to fail, it is ok to make mistakes, it is ok to relax and take a pause. Failure is inevitable. You can learn substantially more from failure than success. […]

What is Publicity Stunts in Guerrilla Marketing & How it is performed?

Vanakam Makkale.         Today we are going to look into the topic- Publicity Stunts in Guerrilla Marketing and how it is performed?         Publicity Stunts is an important feature in Guerrilla Marketing. It became famous in 1905 when a magician named “Houdini” performed publicity stunts. One of his popular publicity stunts was to have himself strapped into […]

What is the difference between Sales and Marketing ?

Vanakam Makalle     We are going to see the difference between Marketing and Sales. Let me start with an example.       Assume, you are planning to start a business with an investment of Rs.15 lakhs. What is that we usually do? We select the products for business according to our preference and interest.    However, that is a […]

The word Quiz was introduced by Guerrilla Marketing

Vanakam Makkale.        Guerrilla marketing is a creative content marketing strategy that prides itself on being unconventional methods to boost sales or attract interest in a brand.   Guerrilla marketing initially was a concept aimed towards small businesses with a small budget; however, big businesses also started adopting this ideology. When executed well, it will […]

Guerrilla Marketing in Ancient Greek times

Vanakam Makalle.                                 History of Guerrilla Marketing         The main goal of advertisements was to educate the customer on the product or service. However, agencies struggled to make an impression on consumers. Also, the consumers were tired of being marketed.          The term Guerrilla Marketing was coined by Jay Conrad Levinson in his book 1984. The concept was […]

What is Guerrilla Marketing

1st Campaign:     The famous SAARANG festival in IIT happened in 2016. There were numerous stalls. Times Of India had an extravagant stage, thundering RJ systems and pulled the crowd towards them. I had only a kiosk and felt inferior.    What is the best way to attract people? An idea clicked. I called the balloon […]

Journey of a Guerrilla MarketerJourney of a Guerrilla Marketer

Vanakam Makkalae,    I am Sakthivel Pannerselvam. I am here to share my  knowledge about Guerrilla Marketing, though I am not an expert, I have conducted over 25+ campaigns and have broad experience. I have paid programs going on, I felt the necessity to give back to the community and also inform them about the inspiring […]