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What is Guerilla Marketing? Guerrilla marketing is a creative, exciting and out of the box way of marketing your product to your customers. it should be instantly attention-grabbing and make you go viral. Goals of Guerilla Marketing: ·         Causing emotion in the audience ·         Making the audience […]

Guerrilla Marketing by Bubble Salon | Viral Marketing Campaign

Hair Salon Comb Crosswalk What is Guerrilla Marketing?   In 1984, Jay Conrad Levinson wrote a book entitled “Guerrilla Marketing” that made the term guerrilla marketing very popular (forget about gorilla marketing, which is just a folklore twist). Due to its low cost and effectiveness, guerrilla marketing has immediately caught the attention of brands. You can […]

Guerrilla Marketing Pert Plus Shampoo- Wash Basin| Viral Marketing Campaign

What is Guerrilla Marketing?     Guerrilla marketing is a marketing strategy that uses unconventional and inventive tactics to promote a product or brand at a low cost.          With the right execution, it is possible to generate buzz, build brand awareness, and even tell a story without dropping a lot of money on paid ads, Out of […]

SOSrainforests Interactive Stickers Guerrilla Marketing Example | Viral Marketing Ideas

 Guerrilla marketing is an advertising strategy that focuses on generating maximum exposure for a product or service through low-cost marketing strategies.    Here are seven tips for putting together an effective guerrilla marketing campaign:   Choose a hot or contentious industry topic, identify your position, and make it known. Prepare to defend your point of view as […]

Guerrilla  Marketing by Tyskie Beer |Tyskie Beer Advertisement

Guerrilla marketing examples, creative marketing ideas   What is Guerrilla Marketing?     The goal of Guerrilla marketing is to use unconventional marketing tactics that yield maximum results at a low cost. Benefits of Guerrilla Marketing: 1.                       Great for a low budget: Guerrilla marketing is defined by the […]

Jeep’s Guerrilla Marketing Campaign| Viral Marketing Campaign

  In a nutshell, guerrilla marketing is an unconventional marketing tactic that is usually cost-effective and high-impact. For maximum publicity and exposure, guerrilla campaigns often take place in public spaces, unlike traditional advertising like TV ads, posters, and billboards.   Often referred to as experiential marketing, street marketing can engage directly with an audience by inviting them […]

1 Night Free Stay Marketing

Vanakam Makalae                Guerrilla Marketing is an advertising strategy that focuses on low-cost unconventional marketing ideas that yield maximum results. It is the alternative style that relies heavily on unconventional marketing strategy, high energy and creative belief. Guerrilla marketing is about taking the customer by surprise, making an indelible impression and creating copious amounts of social […]

#BreakTheChain Guerrilla Marketing

Vanakam Makkaley We are going to have a look at the CSR campaign called “Break the Chain” by the Kerala government. With this campaign, Kerala was able to control Corona effectively. Kerala fights Coronavirus in its unique way. It launched an awareness campaign using cartoon characters to orient people to the new normal social messages […]

Social distancing Cap Guerrilla Marketing

Vanakam Makkaley          Burger King is an American multinational chain of hamburger fast-food restaurants. It is famous for its mouth-watering burgers and fashionable caps. They give the caps to the customers to treat them like a king.      During this pandemic, they wanted to create awareness regarding social distancing. So, they designed […]

Our Beloved B Gowtham’s Guerrilla Marketing

Vanakam Makkaley         Do you want to know about a campaign that won international fame? Yes. A company called the Art Kingdom owned by Gautham creates art and his artistic sculptures are made using recycled materials. He is also the world’s longest hiker, disposing of up to 75 kms of plastic rubbish on the sidewalks.         The […]

Pothy’s Guerrilla Marketing

Vanakam Makkale India is one of the largest producers of textile and garments and it is the leading segment in the world. It generates employment for 35 million people and opens up scope for other ancillary sectors. The needs of the people are increasing day by day and people are very conscious about their dressing. […]

Thyrocare’s Guerrilla Marketing

Vanakam Makkalae.        The main objective of Guerrilla Marketing is to get the greatest possible reach and brand engagement without causing huge holes in the pocket. The role of “Mask wearing” has become critical and very important in these situations. It protects the public from the wearer’s germs and vice-versa. Safety and social […]

Food Delivery Guerrilla Marketing

Vanakam Makkalae.        The pandemic has made many jobless, some are poorly paid and many of them are closing businesses and in a depressing state. Companies are ditching offices and moving to new virtual hiring and remote work practices. There is a great depression and it is absolutely enormous and incredibly fast. Social distancing practice does […]

Mask Parota Guerrilla Marketing

Vanakam Makkalae      During these tough times of pandemic, many people are in the intention that people will not be ready to purchase things. However, a lot of innovative and unique campaigns by some businesses proved that they were able to reach people and bring attention and increase their sales.      A simple yet powerful […]

Guerrilla Marketing Campaign By A Movie Crew Explained

Vanakam Makkaley     An internet sensation Guerrilla Marketing concept was used by the movie crew “The Blair Witch Project”. This video is about how a micro-budget movie promoted their movie differently.   Do you remember getting scared while watching the movie?  In this case, you got scared long before steping into the cinema hall. That […]

Bottle Drop Guerrilla Marketing

Vanakam Makkalae. Today the video is about a campaign that happened 70 years ago. It is the bottle drop challenge by Guinness Beer. The managing director of Guinness Exports Ltd, Mr A.W. Fawcett had genius sales promotion ideas and publicity stunts. During the summer of 1954, they initiated the idea to drop 50,000 sealed bottles […]